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September 4, 2008

Helena Blomqvist’s Fine Art

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The Liberation Infantry 2008, Fine Art Digital Print. The dark planet. The Last Golden Frog

Field of Red Carnations, 2008, Fine Art Digital Print. The dark planet. The Last Golden Frog

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Helena Blomqvist

Helena Blomqvist’s art bares the double hallmark of philosophical reflection and a cunningly twisted sense of humor. Photography’s mission is for many to describe the world, make visible what we do not notice or prefer to ignore. But Helena Blomqvist’s artistic practice is not about portraying the world. Instead she builds the world, over and over again by using models and props. When she installs the camera to immortalize the scenes it is all about capturing a world that already exists. Even though the final touches are done with digital equipment her world is already present, just as real as the everyday outside her studio.

In “The dark planet ” she shows us a fateful world where there is no joy.
Short melancholic stories about crucial magic and tragic moments are told in a surrealistic iconography imbued with (permeated by) an apocalyptic atmos-phere.
There is a feeling of vicissitudes of the present and future.

The topics are dreams, longing, vulnerability, loneliness, death, the supernatural and the ominous dark of the night. The pictures refer to a past cineatic world, themes from history of art, sinister dramas, theatrical scenes, horror stories and brutal real events.

The artist uses photography, painting, sewing (needlework) and collage to create the characteristic shape and feeling of the pictures.

In her latest exhibition “The last golden Frog” apes play an central role.

But Helena Blomqvist’s monkeys are not domineering masters striving to conquer the world. They are interacting in the human tragedy, watching together with other living creatures how the sun is setting and the world getting colder. Finally all that exists is the golden frog, shuffling across the cracked and dried out ground.

But perhaps there is another story to tell. In one of the pictures the little ape sits alone on a bed of waterlilies, a thunderstorm rages in the background. The Waterlily is within the eastern philosophy a symbol for both enlightenment and resurrection. There is always another angle, another possible reading. That is Helena Blomqvist’s strength, she trusts us to make that interpretation.

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